Wellness center for a wellness holiday in the Orcia valley

We are waiting for you in Tuscany - the perfect Italian region for enjoying a real wellness holiday - to the Terme San Filippo wellness centre, in the Orcia Valley Park. The relaxing and beneficial properties of the sulphureous water and of its sediments, make the treatments of the Centre natural and unique. The Centre offers typical thermal treatments, like hydromassage in the thermal water, body peeling with the water sediments, thermal mud face masks and purifying and relaxing body muds. We have many other beauty treatments and massages then, made by a professional staff who carefully follows a union of traditional and new techniques, both western and oriental. The Wellness Centre is bright and pleasant with a view over the clay hills of the Orcia Valley, the ideal to enjoy a complete relax, drinking a herbal tea with soft music in the background. The centre is open every day, also for non-residential visitors.

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