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Terme San Filippo

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Welcome to Terme San Filippo, one of the most spectacular thermal areas in Tuscany, in the province of Siena and inside the Orcia Valley Park.

The resort Terme San Filippo, only 60 km far from Siena, consists of a Hotel, a Restaurant, a Wellness Centre, a Spa and a thermal pooland is located in a green park, inside a quiet natural area with the beautiful Tuscan landscape - from the Monte Amiata woods down to the clays of the Orcia Valley - as background.

This is a place characterized by suggestive calcareous sediments made by the hot sulphureous water that, since the Middle Ages, treated the most famous people such as Lorenzo il Magnifico and other princes belonging to the Medici family.

Relax, wellness, health cures, hospitality, good Italian food and wines are all the features that you can find concentrated in this extraordinary area in the south of Tuscany, where time seems to have stopped…
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anniversarioAfter two successful exhibitions " Terme San Filippo 60Years" and "We have seen so" arranged to the Spa and Wellness Center in 2011, during tha 60 years tha company Terme San Filippo, the exhibition will be extended also in the 2012 season.