Terme San Filippo: thermal care in Tuscany

Archaeology proves that Terme San Filippo were known even in Roman times and many documents say that famous people such as Lorenzo il Magnifico, for example, in the Middle Ages and in the Renassaince, used to go there for thermal care.

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It is possible to find evidence of the curative properties of the thermal water both in scientific and literary books. Terme San Filippo are mentioned, for example, in the famous work "La Mandragola" by Machiavelli.

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The thermal water is rich in sulphur, calcium and magnesium and has a 48┬░ temperature. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and myo-relaxing properties for joints and bones; it is anti-catarrhal and anti-microbic for the mucous membranes; exfoliant and antibacterial for skin.

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The natural sediment of the water mixed with clay is kept, in buckets, in the thermal water to get its properties and heath and then according to traditional natural methods used for mud-baths.

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In our curative Spa Department guests can have baths, mud-baths, inhalations, aerosol therapy, sonic aerosol therapy, ionic aerosol therapy, micronised nasal shower to cure osteoarticular pathologies (arthrosis, rheumatism, problems with fractures etc.), skin, ear-nose-throat, bronchi and lungs diseases.

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The Department is directly connected to the hotel and is open May-October. It is available both for residential and non-residential guests.

You have to book in advance at the booking office open Monday-Saturday from 11am to 1pm, phone: +39 0577-872007.

Terme San Filippo waters, rich in sulphur and calcium, with natural mud, are used in the spa resort for the hydrotherapy, mud and bath therapy, inhalations, aerosol and ionised or sonic aerosol, and atomised nose shower to treat the following diseases:

  • Osteo-neuro joint diseases
  • Ear-nose-throat diseases
  • Respiratory apparatus diseases
  • Skin diseases